Our recipe is simple. We mix the most mysterious under- ground venues in London with intriguing entertainment and stir it all up with an eclectic mix of like-minded friends of friends. And we only serve on Sundays.

So let us tempt you away from your Monday fears and weekend chores to enjoy a new Sunday of indulgence and temptation, full of fresh faces, new places and many a Sunday surprise... Events take place the first Sunday of every month.

Your Sunday revolution is here and it's naughty. But very, very nice!

Join our next event and you could win an exclusive personalized, bespoke gift from Gifts Less Ordinary


Treat yourself to at least 12 alternative Sundays a year. Events take place the First Sunday of every month


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We create galleries for every Sunday we organise so you can enjoy looking back.

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The Sundae Club is an invite-only club. If you’ve already been referred by a Club Member or Club Ambassador then Join Up Now!
However, if you’d like to become a member but don’t have a referral, let us know which Sunday you'd like a taste of and why using the form below. If there’s space on your chosen Sunday, we’ll drop you a line and you'll have the opportunity to charm a member into referring you on the day. Non members will only be able to have one taste.

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